Welcome to djELITE.com!

1. Welcome to djELITE.com!

E Komo Mai! (Welcome!) Thanks for stopping by & checking out my (re-launched) web page. I truly appreciate your continued support. Please keep in mind, that all the music, mixes & remixes that I create, I do for people like you....
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Mix Factor 3 Finals 10-16-2013

Mix Factor 3 Finals 10-16-2013

ALOHA FOR THE SUPPORT! Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand “THE MIX FACTOR 3″ 10/16/2013 FINALS! 20131016 Mix Factor FINALS by Dj Elite™ on...
Mix Factor 3 Qualifying Round 10-09-2013

Mix Factor 3 Qualifying Round 10-09-2013

JUDGES CHOSE ME TO ADVANCE TO THE 10/16/2013 FINALS! Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand “THE MIX FACTOR 3″ QUALIFYING ROUND 10/09/2013 20131009 Mix Factor QUALIFYING ROUND by Dj Elite™ on...
Breathe With Me (base beat only) (video)

Breathe With Me (base beat only) (video)

A snippet of me getting creative and productive in the War...
HNL Night Market 05-18-2013 (Pt. 1 of 2)

HNL Night Market 05-18-2013 (Pt. 1 of 2)

20130518 Honolulu Night Market LIGHTSLEEPERS by Dj Elite™ on Mixcloud Length: 16 minutes LightSleepers tent (Auahi & Keawe) *per request of that night’s birthday boy, Lofa of LightSleepers! 01....
Honolulu Night Market 05-18-2013 (video)

Honolulu Night Market 05-18-2013 (video)

Definitely not my best work… but, meh. It’s something current (as of 05-19-2013) and you know now that I’ll post something better soon. LOL! On the real tho, that 62 mixer was intimidating...
TEN of my 80s & 90s mixes (ZIP file)

TEN of my 80s & 90s mixes (ZIP file...

Length: 5+ hours DOWNLOAD LINK: http://goo.gl/AvHMc (from my Google Drive™) Mahalo (Thank You) for your continued support! I do this for YOU! Because without YOU there’d be no ME!...
80s Electro 01-25-2012

80s Electro 01-25-2012

Length: 27 minutes 01. Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt 02. Cyndi Lauper vs Egyptian Lover – Egyptian Lauper 03. World Class Wreckin’ Crew – Surgery 04. Chris “The Glove”...
Slow Jamz 12-28-2011

Slow Jamz 12-28-2011

Length: 28 minutes 01. Bobby Brown – Roni 02. Cover Girls – We Can’t Go Wrong 03. Milli Vanilli – I’m Gonna Miss You 04. The Jets – Make It Real 05. Pussycat Dolls –...
808 NATIVES – EverLasting Bass 2012

808 NATIVES – EverLasting Bass 201...

Compiled and Edited by: DJ ELITE (Elite Empire) 808 Natives – EverLasting Bass 2012 (Danny R) by 808...
808 NATIVES – The Lost Testament (2001-2005)

808 NATIVES – The Lost Testament (...

Produced by: DJ ELITE (Elite Empire) Artist: 808 Natives – Album: The Lost Testament (2001-2005) “The Lost Testament” album features tracks that were recorded between 2001 and 2005. *this is...
30 Seconds of Scratching

30 Seconds of Scratching

(CrossFade Disciples aka CFD) DJ ELITE – 30 Seconds of Scratching...
80s Freestyle (II) 11-30-2011

80s Freestyle (II) 11-30-2011

Length: 27 minutes 01. Cover Girls – Show Me 02. Sweet Sensation – Hooked On You (Version 2) 03. Stevie B – Party Your Body 04. Noel – Silent Morning 05. TKA – You Are The One...

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HNL Night Market 05-18-2013 (Pt. 1 of 2)
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